Bubble ball or bubble soccer allows for a lot of creativity when coming up with games. I’m sure you’ve seen a traditional bubble soccer game which is very similar to regular soccer. Aside from traditional play, there are tons of fun and exciting bubble ball games that don’t involve a soccer ball. You can create your own bubble ball games or use ours. Here are our favorite games:

Traditional Bubble Soccer

Traditional bubble soccer play is very similar to regular soccer. Depending on the size of the field, the number of players will vary. 5 vs 5 is pretty standard, however you may have more or less if you choose to do so. There are no set goalies, so no one is allowed to use their hands. Even if you wanted to use your hands, it would be very difficult.

Sumo Bumping

Just like sumo wrestling, two players will stand inside a ring. The first person to get bumped out of the ring loses.

Bubble Tag

I’m sure you’ve played tag on the playground before! It’s just like regular tag except “tagging” someone means knocking them down. Once you knock someone down, they’re “it.”

Bubble Bowling

This is a bubble ball game that can be a bit dangerous, so play with extreme caution. Bubble bowling involves five players (pins) lined up in a pyramid formation, and one player acting as the bowling ball. The player acting as the bowling ball will run into the pins in hopes of knocking them down. The bowling ball player will get two tries to knock down the pins.

Last Bubble Standing

Last bubble standing can be played with as many players as you would like. Participants will run around knocking each other over. If you get knocked over, you’re out. The game ends when there is only one player standing.

Capture the Flag

The object of this game is simple, capture the other team’s flag, which is actually a soccer ball. If someone on the other team touches you while you are on their side of the field, you’re out. In order to win the game, you must successfully make your way to the other team’s side without being touched, find the soccer ball (which must be in plain sight) and kick the ball to your side of the field. If you kick the ball and it doesn’t make it all the way back to your side of the field, your temmates can continue kicking it to your side so long as they’re not touched.