Bubble soccer is a new sport so there are a lot of newcomers that need some guidance when it comes to putting on a bubble soccer event. If organized properly, bubble soccer is a fun, safe sport, and if not organized properly, people can get injured.

Make sure it’s a credible bubble soccer company

Whether you’re playing bubble soccer through us or any other company, make sure they are credible. The last thing you want to do is get injured because the company doesn’t have quality bubble balls or they don’t properly explain how to use them. You’ll want to ensure that the bubble soccer company you’re playing with has proper insurance and provides a legal waiver for you to sign.

Wear proper clothing

Players should dress in athletic apparel, not only to ensure they are having the most fun, but to avoid injuries and other issues. Players should not wear any sharp jewelry as it can pop the bubble balls upon impact. Players should wear tennis shoes, not spikes or cleats. It’s also recommended to wear something thin and lightweight as the balls can get hot after playing for a while.

Find a good location

Not all bubble soccer businesses have physical locations, so you may need to meet somewhere such as a park or soccer field. If you’re outside, ensure there are no holes in the ground, sharp items or objects that could get in the way. Keep in mind that most people playing bubble soccer are going to want to bump into each other, so a smaller field is typically better.

Ensure everyone is able to play

Bubble soccer isn’t for everyone and can be tricky and dangerous if someone has an pre-existing injury or condition. Additionally, the bubble balls are only so big, so if there is someone that is large, they will need to ensure that they can safely fit inside the ball.